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If you are looking to make changes in your life then Hypnotherapy can often be the key to successfully achieving goals that have seemed impossible before.

Hypnotherapy for:

  • Managing your weight...hypnotherapy proven to help you lose more weight and keep more weight off than many other methods. Further reading here (PDF)
  • Kicking that smoking habit...hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to quit smoking and remain a non smoker. Further reading here (PDF)
  • Relieving stress and promoting relaxation
  • Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome...overwhelming evidence that IBS responds dramatically to a series of hypnotherapy sessions. Further reading here (PDF)
  • Boosting your confidence...hypnotherapy gives you the strategies to make these positive changes.
  • Controlling painful conditions…considerable evidence to demonstrate the benefits of hypnotherapy.
  • Managing your fears and anxieties...hypnotherapy puts you in control of your life and not your fears and anxieties in control of you.
  • Overcoming your phobias...get rid of your phobia with hypnotherapy and break free today!

All these and many more difficult issues can also be helped through the powerful medium of Hypnotherapy.

Take control of your life through hypnotherapy.

Contact hypnolinks to see how we might help you.


Many issues and problems can be addressed in one or two sessions. Others may take several sessions but a clear idea about the commitment required from you will be discussed at the initial assessment.


All sessions are 1 hour.

  • £65 for an in initial consultation*
  • £60 for follow up sessions*

*Payment by cash or cheque.

The cost of packages of treatment eg:

  • IBS
  • Weight management including the virtual gastric balloon
  • Stop smoking

will be discussed at the initial consultation when the likely number of treatment sessions required can be discussed.

Customised nutritional advice can also be offered as part of a hypnotherapy treatment package. The need for this and the additional cost can be discussed at the initial consultation.


I follow a code of ethical practice which includes a strict confidentiality policy as required by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

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